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7 Things You Didn’t Know about Elysian Brewing

Joining us for our first Versus collaboration of the year is Seattle’s Elysian Brewing Company. We thought we’d introduce you.

1. For the last 12 years they’ve held a pumpkin beer festival with beer served out of pumpkins. People take it pretty seriously.

Elysian Pumpkin Beer Festival

2. The first beer they ever brewed was ‘The Wise ESB’ which won at the World Beer Cup in 2014.

3. Elysian Cellar master Dan-o Beyer was an Ivar’s Dancing Clam. We didn’t know what that was, so we looked it up and found this. Claim to fame or what?

4. They’re three time winners of the Great American Beer Festival award for ‘Large Brewpub of the Year’.

5. Their merchandise range contains Spacedust hop socks, which we have been fighting for here at Camden. Fashion at it’s finest.

Elysian Beer Socks

6. Their Avatar Jasmine IPA, a jasmine infused hop hit, won Gold in the 2008 World Beer Cup.

7. In 2012 they launched the ’12 Beers of The Apocalypse’ series, releasing 1 beer each month. They ended the year with a big party on the date that The Mayans predicted the end of the world, just incase. The end is beer.

We have co-founder David Buhler and the clam man Dan coming over on Wednesday 10 August to brew Camden Versus Elysian with us.

Join our brew day dinner – find out more and get your tickets here.

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