What's your age again?

Before we get to the good stuff, we have to make sure you're of legal drinking age. Check your ID. Text a friend. Call your parents. Don't worry, we'll wait.


This Saturday, December 13th, marks the launch of our Christmas Off-Licence. From midday. Get excited.

What is this!? It is where we serve you cold beer and hot burgers whilst you make the tough gift decisions in life: IHL or Hells? Pils or Pale? Cans or bottles? Maybe make it a Crowler? These can all be pre-ordered this on Saturday to pick up on Christmas Eve.

If it’s just-in-case-a-thirstgency Christmas supplies that you are after, you can pre-order cases picked and mixed to your liking. And because we are full of the Christmas spirit there will be discounts on all multiple cases ordered. Our 900ml Crowler cans make great Kris Kringle gifts as they can be filled with whatever keg beer you like.

The Brewery Bar opens at midday with Smoking Buns firing up burgers all day long (I heard they mix rib steak through their burgers and they taste amazing for it). So pop down to order your beery gifts and silly season supplies whilst getting some easy ticks off that Christmas list.

Off-Licence open every day until Christmas Eve.


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