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The Crowler

We’ve got a brand new toy, and it’s called the Crowler. Yep, like a Growler machine, this baby fills vessels with draft beer for take-away purposes, but with one key difference. In this case, the aforementioned vessels are giant 32oz (that’s 0.91L) cans! Yes! Crowler = can growler and it’s here and ready to change your world!

Sure, the Crowler cans aren’t re-usable like regular Growlers, but they are super lightweight, recyclable, and you don’t need to remember to carry the empties around with you – great if you’re a tad forgetful but still want to take advantage of take-away draft beer. And, let’s face it, who doesn’t?

We trialled the Crowler at our 7 Days of IHL Festival of Cans pop-up this past weekend, where it drew quite the crowd (you have to see the machine to understand it’s circus side-show/state fair style retro charm) and now we’re ready to install it at the Brewery Bar. From this Friday we’ll be offering Crowler fills to take-away, so come down and get yours asap.

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