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With great beer comes great responsibility

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Camden Town Brewery

The appalling recent events in the US have highlighted the racial inequality and injustice we need to recognise in all of society, including closer to home. We stand in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement and are committed to doing the work to become better allies.

Our values and ambition are to be a business that celebrates diversity, and opposes any type of discrimination, wherever it takes place, but we have work to do. We recognise black people are not represented enough across the beer and brewing industry, and at Camden Town Brewery, which needs to change. We need to be better.

We are committed to doing the work to better educate ourselves on how we can dismantle white privilege in our company and industry, and actively implement an ongoing solution.

At Camden we will:
- Ensure diversity and inclusion is transparent, and measured on our social and environmental performance with our recently submitted B Corp certification; an evaluation on how our operations and business model impact workers, community, environment, and customers
- Cover expenses for all of our employees to purchase educational material, and organise internal groups to discuss thoughts and learnings, and ideas we have collectively as a company
- Continue with mandatory ‘Unconscious Bias’ and ‘Equality & Diversity’ training for all Beer Team members, investing in seminars and courses throughout the year
- Encourage the Camden team to support local fundraising programmes or community outreach over 2 paid volunteering days each year
- Build diversity goals within our 5-year plan, with support and training for everyone in the company to be able to achieve this
- Offer mentoring and guidance to black people for advice on pursuing a career in the beer and brewing world, through programmes and working with others in the industry
- In line with previous charity fundraisers we have run, this June our Beer Team can choose to forgo their staff beer allowance and instead donate the monetary equivalent to the Stephen Lawrence Charitable Trust, which supports young people from disadvantaged backgrounds to inspire and enable them to succeed in the career of their choice. We will match all donations made.

There is still a long way to go, and if you have any suggestions on what else we can do, we are all ears. Email us at [email protected]

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